Alison Kuo

Accidental Chinese Hipsters

So ironic, it’s not.

By Alison Kuo
June 10, 2012 | , ,

I would like to make it clear from the beginning that I am a reverse accidental Chinese hipster. So, not an accidentally-Chinese hipster and not an un-hipster Chinese, but a displaced Texan, first generation half-Hong-Kong-nese person who likes to frequent dusty Chinatown markets. Also, I think it’s funny to tie bags to my other bags.

Submissions: Accidental Chinese Hipsters in its incarnation on Open City will feature photographs from New York City. Please submit your photos to kuoskies [at] with a brief description, the location, and information on how you would like to be credited on the blog.

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Alison Kuo runs the blog Accidental Chinese Hipsters from her bedroom/art studio in Brooklyn. A native Texan with a Chinese father, she grew up highly valuing the perfect char siu bao.

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