July 18, 2019

The Whiting Foundation — The 2019 Whiting Literary Magazine Prizes

The Margins was one of five recipients of a 2019 Literary Magazine Prize from the Whiting Foundation. 

“An indispensable incubator for audacious intellect and human complexity, The Margins reshapes literature even as it creates space for nuance, voice, imagination, and connection. As an institution, it has a profound impact on our cultural consciousness: the legion of writers The Margins has nurtured redefines our understanding of what it is to be Asian American in this country, and in the world.”

October 24, 2019

PEN America — Works of Justice: Sarah Wang on Bearing Witness

AAWW supported five writers, including writer Sarah Wang, through A World Without Cages’ Witness Program, which brought together writers both in and outside of prison through correspondence and creative collaboration.

“I cried a lot when I wrote letters to my pen pal and when I read the letters she wrote to me—not due to pathos or anything horrible like that but because different channels of possibility had opened up between us, two people who had never met before, who live quite different lives but who also share similar histories. Giving this kind of space to another person, and having it given to you, is deeply moving.”