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  • Red Plastic Bags All Over Chinatown

    By Pearly Huang
    November 17, 2015

    Red is believed to be a lucky color and everyone wants to carry good luck with them. But that red symbol of good fortune may soon carry something else: a 10-cent charge.

  • Too Close to Home
    By Nadia Misir

    In Richmond Hill, a neighborhood’s safety concerns are pitted against a city’s effort to bring youth offenders closer to home. And the residents are up in arms.

  • The Modern Chupa
    By Lisa Wong Macabasco

    The Nepalese and Tibetan communities in Jackson Heights mix tradition with modern to keep their heritage alive.

  • A Stranger in Our Midst
    By Chaya Babu

    One writers group was robbed at gunpoint in Ditmas Park. The police and the community’s reactions were swift, but both seemed to miss the bigger picture.